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Journal of Animal Sciaence and Veterinary Medicine

ISSN 1004-6704 
Organizer: xi bei nong lin ke ji da xue  
Publisher: xu mu shou yi za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is organized by the University of Northwest A & F veterinary comprehensive science and technology publications. Publication in 1999 by the National Science and Technology of China SCIENTIFIC source, the National Tsinghua University, the disc center "of Chinese Academic Journal CD-ROM", the Shanghai Library, "National Press Index" (Natural Science and Technology), Chinese Academy of Sciences "Chinese Biological Abstracts" , "Agricultural Digest - Animal", "Agricultural Digest - Veterinary," the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, "Chinese scientific and technical information directory agriculture", the Articles of Chinese science and technology information company, "China Science and Technology Literature Database" (CSTDB) CD-ROM and other authoritative included in the database and abstracts fixed. This publication is the combination of theory and practice, combining popularization with the raising, animal husbandry and veterinary characterized by the combination, spread livestock, veterinary new theories and new methods. Promote the latest scientific and technological achievements, exchange of livestock production and animal disease prevention and control experience in technology. To promote animal husbandry, veterinary science to flourish. (Translated by machine.)