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Project Management Technology

ISSN 1672-4313 
Organizer: ji xie gong ye xin xi yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: xiang mu guan li ji shu za zhi she  
Description: "Project Management Technology" magazine concerned about the foreign perspective of a professional project management theory and methods, and practical project management techniques. Journal of high starting point, the article new, forward-looking, is to focus on project management concepts insight journal of choice. Famous magazine has a project management expert, and professor of Academy of Engineering, as well as domestic and international project management research and advisory services and organizational support, readers all over the country's 31 provinces. Running uphold the concept of innovation, to optimize the content of reports, coupled with outstanding enterprises at home and abroad to join, "project management" magazine will promote the growth of project management personnel and progress, and the promotion of the development and application of project management play an important role . (Translated by machine.)