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Tribune of Social Sciences in Xinjiang

ISSN 1671-4741 
Organizer: xin jiang wei wu er zi zhi qu she hui ke xue jie lian he hui  
Publisher: xin jiang she ke lun tan bian ji bu  
Description: Autonomous Federation of Social Sciences (the Association of Social Sciences in Xinjiang), is authorized to manage the regional party committee and government district full-time academic community of social science institutions, is the regional party committee propaganda department level units. Autonomous Region Party Committee, Chairman of the Publicity Department of Wu Dunfu concurrently, set full-time Vice-4, 4 part-time Vice-Chairman, autonomous regions and relevant units of the Social Sciences (Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, Xinjiang University, Xinjiang Normal University, autonomous Party School, the regional party committee and government research Room, Party History Research Center Autonomous Region, autonomous regions and the people were appointed, etc.) of 13 as the Standing Committee. Association of Social Sciences Institute under the autonomous region (Association, Research) more than 110, which typically include: philosophy, economics, history, ethnic studies, religion, law, sociology, finance, taxation, finance, accounting, business administration management, entrepreneurship, marketing, public relations, behavioral science, party building, women in theory, Central Asia, Turfan, Uygur linguistics, Oirat Mongolian culture, science and other Altay Association (Association of Research). Association of Social Sciences of the basic functions and tasks are: the party committee and government with the Social theorists play a role as a link in the theoretical research, academic exchanges, social sciences play a universal organization and coordination role for the party and government departments, enterprises and institutions to provide advisory services, entrusted by the regional government of Xinjiang Social Science Research Excellence award activities, social science academic community on the region's business executives and guidance to City Association of Social Work. "Xinjiang Social Science Forum" is hosted by Xinjiang Association of Social Theory Social comprehensive publication on behalf of Social Sciences in the overall image of the theoretical circle of high-level publications, but also show the extent of modern civilization in Xinjiang is an important window. "Xinjiang Social Science Forum" is a provincial public offering nationwide publications, bimonthly, year 6, large 16 mo, 96 pages. "Xinjiang Social Science Forum" section in addition established disciplines, but also opened up a leadership forum, entrepreneurs forum, regional development, the western development, and management and other columns. "Forum of Social Sciences," circulation not large, but the coverage than the whole, the industry's impact, and with the national universities, research institutes, library room has a wide, fixed exchange relations, key message was the country excerpts included in the object data center, Nanjing University and other key institutions to be identified as the master, Ph.D. thesis published in domestic publications to the autonomous regional Party and government organs in the region, leaders of major units scheduled to send read. "Forum of Social Sciences," independent accounting, self-financing, according to industry publication practices and market principles. You can advertise, set up columns, host special seminars. "Forum of Social Sciences," We sincerely welcome all enterprises and institutions, to city county governing units journal, co-organized by the Liaison Office, etc., as well as sponsorship, advertising, participation and support of the Journal of Social Sciences in the cause. "Forum of Social Sciences," Social Theory of publications will be inherent in the rational, refined, truth-seeking, innovative features, as enterprises and institutions and to establish the image of the City, County, and important position in public relations (Translated by machine.)