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New Finance

ISSN 1006-1770 
Organizer: jiao tong yin xing  
Publisher: xin jin rong bian ji bu  
Description: "New Finance" journal is sponsored by the Bank, for the public offering of domestic and international economic, financial publications, is also the first joint-stock commercial bank organized by the academic issue. "New Finance" Founded 18 years ago, by the financial community and readers of all ages, in the financial, economic theorists and enjoyed a high reputation in the business community, many of the media by the industry and the earnest attention. At present the "new finance" has become the core journals (selection) database contains journals, Humanities and Social Science Citation Database in China source journals, China Academic Journal Full-text journals included in the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database Source Journals, China Science and Technology Journals Indexed Journals China guide information database subscriptions and other indexed journals and retrieval of the domestic authority of the agency literature evaluation included journals. "New Finance" blending theory, academic, knowledge, applied in one, in which quality and features sections, including HSBC Bank of forum, the experts point of view, the financial sector interviews, focus tracking, international banking, foreign M & A, President interviews, financial risk prevention, and other social hot spots focus on first-line section. "New Finance" Journal of major audience, including: central and local government departments; central banks, commercial banks, insurance companies, securities companies, fund custodian companies, trust companies and asset management companies and other financial institutions; and tertiary institutions, community organizations, multinational corporations, the library and relevant research institutions. "New Finance" Journal of relying Bank 150 branches across the country the main channel of distribution, but also with the National Joint Non Mailroom newspaper subscriptions, the State version of the National Library and other agencies jointly issued a number of periodicals issued, the establishment of the issue of agents system and market operation mode of distribution channels. Current circulation has reached more than 20,000 copies. "New Finance" Journal of layout design, cover elegant, full-color version. East China province in publication design competitions in the city have been the best cover of the journal Economics Prize and layout design award, the journal layout has also been a lot of full recognition of professional ad designers. As the "new finance" Journal of The bigger, wide distribution, advertising and reasonable price, some financial institutions, multinational corporations, large enterprises in the "New Finance" published in the Journal of commercial advertising, are up a very good publicity. In order to further strengthen the commercial exchange of economic information, and promote the development of the socialist market economy, magazine subscriptions perennial "new finance" and to undertake advertising periodicals, published in a variety of product presentation, business presentations and other financial institutions business introduces advertising. For those who require subscription "new finance" journals and "new financial" enterprises and institutions to advertise, please contact our department or advertising agency commissioned by the Ministry with my company. "New Finance" published in magazines in line with advertisers on the serious and responsible attitude, clearly the price advertising fees, advertisers hope to be supervision. (Translated by machine.)