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Bimonthly of Xinjiang Meteorology

ISSN 1002-0799 
Organizer: xin jiang qi xiang xue hui zhong guo qi xiang ju wu lu mu qi sha mo qi xiang yan jiu suo  
Publisher: sha mo yu lv zhou qi xiang bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1956, is the Xinjiang Meteorological Bureau, Xinjiang Meteorological Society sponsored international journals of science and technology public offering. Journal based in Xinjiang, and the country. Meteorological research focuses on new results, new theories, new methods, new technology, modern management, meteorological services benefits, domestic and international weather information on the market. Running the issue of the journal, mainly for the majority of business and technical personnel meteorological department, the relevant institutions, civil aviation, military and agriculture, forestry, water conservancy departments of science and technology personnel. (Translated by machine.)