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Information Times

ISSN 1672-6674 
Organizer: zhong guo dian zi xin xi chan ye fa zhan yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: xin xi kong jian bian ji bu  
Description: "Information space" is different from the traditional problems only concern the financial media, but also from low-end only concerned with technical issues in the IT media, we are the only issues to focus on high-end information technology magazine, is uniquely positioned here "national" level of wealth advisory magazine. The output value of several trillion, can not do without the high end of a direction sensitive issue. "Information space" by the competent Ministry of Information Industry, China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, organized the information society to stand in the height of the value of the information age, found that the power lead for the information economy, provide penetrating insight into the reality. "Information space" - to enhance your sense of the professional level. Also found by the value of the information age, wealth, specialized to provide you with guidance to help you meet the advanced productive forces to establish a new value orientation. "Information space" is that you carry out policy, investment and operating decisions can be based on efficient information source, consulting and data sources!  (Translated by machine.)