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Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine

ISSN 1673-4912 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui zhong guo yi ke da xue  
Publisher: zhong guo xiao er ji jiu yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine" (original title Pediatric Emergency Medicine), Ministry of Health by the People's Republic of charge, sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association Journal of Chinese Medical Association, is the only one in the field of pediatric critical illness first aid reflects national professional journal Pediatrics, Pediatric Emergency Medicine on behalf of the domestic level. Founded in 1994, the source for the Chinese SCIENTIFIC journals, core journals Science and Technology of China. "Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine" magazine for the purpose of the magazine to adhere to the clinical focus on practical, following the introduction and the original, universal and improved, the combination of theory and practice the principle of Pediatric Emergency Medicine introduced new technology at home and abroad, new development, exchange of first aid experience, scientific research, introducing first-aid medicines, first aid equipment and experience to promote the development of Pediatric Emergency. Magazine targeted at all levels of hospital paediatricians, especially those in first aid pediatric critical care clinicians. Magazine section with thematic discussions on the exchange of experiences, reviews, lectures, pediatric emergency room, continuing medical education garden, teaching rounds, first aid quiz, Pediatric Surgery garden, foreign audio, clinical pathology (cases) to discuss, misdiagnosis , short reports, first aid and medicines, first aid and new instruments. Articles include a well-known pediatrician Editorial Board, the strength. Editorial Board members from the China Medical First Aid Unit, Neonatal Study Group members and renowned pediatrician. Zhao group chief editor of China Medical University President, Professor. Professor Mei Fan, deputy editor for the search will be chairman of Emergency Medicine, and the Chinese Academy of Pediatrics First Aid team leader, former president of Beijing Children's Hospital, doctoral supervisor, Professor Gui Yonghao Pediatric Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Hospital of Pediatrics. Academic Steering Committee chairman Professor Wei Kelun for the Journal of Perinatal Medicine, vice chairman of the Chinese Academy of Pediatrics, head of Neonatology, Chinese Medical Association, chairman of Liaoning Branch of China Medical University Hospital, Pediatrics Shengjing Professor. Well-known pediatrician Zhaoxiang Wen, Yang Xijiang, Shao Fan Zeng, Hong-Mao Ye, Zhang Lingen, Professor Sun Bodeng are magazine editors. There are two international Editorial Board (United States). Editorial Board meets regularly editorial, editorial team carefully proofreading, copywriting, so that the academic standards of magazines is guaranteed. Since founding, the editorial published by the State Department to seriously implement a series of documents related to the publishing industry and national normative standards of science and technology journals, magazines, continuously improve quality, by the readers and the experts. Ministry of Health in 2004 the first national medical and health journals Excellent Award in the outstanding Series won second prize, the same year the Department of Liaoning Province, the title of outstanding editors. In 2005, the Chinese Medical Association, founded in ninety Anniversary Celebration Journal Chinese Medical Association won the outstanding Series Award. Since 1998, was named in Liaoning Province, "Journal of the provincial level." In the first "CAJ-CD specification" standard appraised campaign won "CAJ-CD specification," Executive Excellence Award. Retrieval system is now Russia's international authority, "Digest Magazine" (AJ), "Chemical Abstracts" (CA) as the source journals, and "The China Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database" (CSTPCD), "Chinese Medical Periodical Literature Database "(CMCC)," Chinese Medical Citation Database "(CMCI), China Academic Journal (CJFD)," China Journal Net, "" Chinese Academic Journal (CD) "," Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database " "China's core journals (selection) database" and other text included. Organized by international standards, periodicals, and printed in English copyright page, table of contents, abstracts. (Translated by machine.)