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Advanced Television Engineering

ISSN 1671-8658 
Organizer: zhong yang dian shi tai  
Publisher: xian dai dian shi ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: "Modern TV Technology" sponsored by China Central Television is the TV technology journal, its predecessor was started from March 1989 established an internal publication, "TV Lun Tan", to adapt to rapidly changing high-tech television the new situation, meet the majority of television technology the new requirements of the growing staff, July 2001, the "TV Lun Tan" was revamped and renamed as "modern television technology." July 2002, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television approval is granted, report to the National Science and Technology Ministry and the State Press and Publication Administration for examination and approval, "the modern television technology," the official publication of public release. "Modern TV technology" for the magazine, she of the largest and most influential television technology unit - China Central Television as the basis, adhere to the authority of the wide range of innovative, practical editorial approach to the popular theory, to focus on application features, emphasizing the prominent TV technical publications professional, scientific and authoritative focus reflects the practical, dynamic and timely, and the national institutions at all levels of television and television technology research unit, for all professional equipment manufacturers and product development departments, professional and technical personnel for numerous television and business management, accurately reflect the face of modern television technology, an objective summary of the specific experience of business practice. "Modern TV technology" for the readers to provide a wealth of practical information, and institutions at all levels of television technology renovation and equipment selection to provide more convenient. "Modern TV Technology" each issue are based on the then hot sectors and technology focus specifically asked him and focus were reported, some of which are exclusive coverage of the industry. "Modern TV Technology" and featured with News, Outlook and Summary, interviews and reports, Hot Spot, center, network and transport, technology and art, operation and maintenance, technical seminars, exhibition guide, public view more than ten column. Over the years, "modern TV technology" has been the industry leaders and colleagues at all levels of attention and concern, but also by the majority of authors and readers for their help and support, through the sessions of the dedication and hard work of Comrade journal actively explore, develop day by day grow up, regardless of content from a fixed set columns to columns, from the layout to the graphic design and extensive monotonous Mao, casual style to the wind from the Folio form a unified network, published from time to time to the regular publication from quarterly to bimonthly and then monthly, from the internal distribution to the public offering, from the mainly technical personnel inside the station for the country as readers to the many television professionals and business managers. Especially in July 2001 after a new revision, "modern TV technology" for accurate positioning and distinctive new look to achieve a leap-type development, basic and laid a "modern TV technology" in its present form, style, features and standards. Today, the "modern TV technology" has been of considerable strength and influence to obtain the recognition and praise from all sides. (Translated by machine.)