Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management 2011 Issue 3 Study on the Risk Assessmemt and Prevention of the Testing Laboratory
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Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management
2011 Issue 3
Study on the Risk Assessmemt and Prevention of the Testing Laboratory
KE Jia-ji;MIN Bao-qian
Establish Modern Quality Assurance System Based on Reliability Management Method
LUO Jun;ZHANG Shi-li;LI Xiao-hong;ZHANG Li-wei
On the Measurement of Body Temperature with a Thermometer in the Selection and Use of
GUO Shu-ping;TIAN Gang;JIN Cheng-lie,45
The Research on Key Technology of Supplier Laboratory Accreditation in Automotive Industry(part 3)
CHEN Ke;DUAN Min;LI Fang-sheng;ZAHO Qing
A Technique Program of Proficiency Testing for Hot Rolled Ribbed Bars Tensile Test
GAO Zhi-fang;LIN Hui;ZHAO Bing
"True Value" Indication Error in the Measurement Test Instrument in the Correct Identification and Determine
liu rui feng ; sun you qun ; zhang hui min ; liang xiu xiu ; sun yun xia,36
Uncertainty of Derived Percentage Quantities
CUI Wei-qun;HANG Chen-zhe,64
The Error Occurred Meter Analysis and Solution
TANG Tao-tao,29
Pre - Planning and Effectiveness Assessment for The Management Evaluation
QIN Yu;LI Bin-zhi;LIANG Yan;ZHANG Chen
On the Quality Control Caboratory Management
LI Cheng;LUO Yi-qun;LI Xing-gen
Indentation Diameter of the Ball Pressure Test Evaluation of Uncertainty
GAO Jin-cheng;JIN Suo-fang;ZHAO Qing-liang;DONG Yun-lei,34
Pressure Gauge is Calibrated with the Anti -Calibration
YANG Yong;HAN Chao;NIE Mao-zeng;CHEN Hong-jun;CHENG Wei;ZHAO Mi-yang
Development of Secondary Magnetic Standard Facility
HUA Chang-chun;MA Li-qiang
The Control of Electronic Records
HUO Ben-fang
Uncertainty Analysis and Assessment of Determination of Toluene in Coatings by GC
WANG Zhi-chang;HUANG Zan,39
Energy Measurement Accuracy of the Factors and Solutions
SHI Xiang-gang