Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management 2009 Issue 6 Drug Testing and the Results Deviate from the Quanlity Control
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Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management
2009 Issue 6
Drug Testing and the Results Deviate from the Quanlity Control
song yuan zhi ; guo yao wu ; yang xiao li ; luo shi shu,27
Analytical Method of Ammonia Gas Pollutant
liu yi ling ; wang de fa ; zuo yong hua,16
Determination of Five Organic Phosphor Pesticides in Vegetables
wang kai ; shi jian hong ; xiong wen sheng
Detection of Pesticide Residues in Food Samples of Pretreatment Technology
li ning ; zhang jiang shan
Determination of Organic Acids in Citric Acid Fermentation Broth By HPLC
liu jia lan ; wang zuo zuo
Problems and Countermeasure of Boficiency Testing
yan jian jun ; wang wei feng,14
Brief Discussion on Laboratory Training
jiang nan
Comparison of Air Kerma Standards of the NIM and the APMP for 60Coγrays
yang xiao yuan ; hu jia cheng
Determination of Eight Usual Food Additives in Foods by Reversed -phae high Performance Liquid Chromatography
wan chun hua ; liu yan ; xiong wen sheng ; long zhou xiong ; zuo bing
The Application of EDS in the Metal Package Dejices Appearance Detection
yang hua yu ; kou yan li ; guo hai xia ; tong kun
Determination of Calibration of Isothermal Reference Compensator
zhou si bing ; song li,19
Study of Analytical Methods of Phosphate Ester
zhang ying ; zhao mei li
Study on the Spectrophotometric Determination of Amounts of Selenium
yang zhi hong ; yang zuo ; wu chang ying ; nie ji lan
Verification of Methodology on the Microbial Limit Test for Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui
liu xu ping ; zhang chun hua
Calibration of the Dial Thickners Gauges
chi jun ke ; che zhao ping ; zhang ying hong