Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management 2009 Issue 5 Disscussion of Improvement on Geometric Imaging Measuring Instruments\' Measurement Accuracies
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Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management
2009 Issue 5
Determination of Hesperidin in Pericarpium citri Reticulatae of Different Sources by HPLC
luo wen hua ; li wen gui ; chen zuo
Extraction and Purification of alkaloid in Artemisia selengensis Turcz. with Silica Column Chromatography, RP-HPLC and LC-ESI-MS
li fang qing ; fu bin ; wei qiang ; fan qing sheng ; xin xin,20
the Result and Analysis of ionizing Radiation Test on Electronic Component
zhang long ; tang ping
Determination of Non-protein Content in Milk and Dairy Products
wen tie yan ; wen dong mei
Uncertainty Evaluation for Determinating Phthalic Acid Ester in Plastic by GC-MS
cao dan ; wu li yan ; you xiong ; shen yue yong
An Analysis on Unqualified items of International Travel Health Center Certification
wang yan bin ; niu xing rong ; hu dong mei ; he zhao wei ; kong liang,35
Evatuation of Uncertainty in Determination of Melamine in Skim Milk Power
qiu cheng hai ; huang rui juan ; huang mei shan
ELAN 6000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer Main System Maintenance
zhang jun yong ; zhang ming hong,9
The Application of Informatics Statistics in Accreditation
yuan song hong ; zheng jun
The Matrix Management Model of Laboratory for Physical and Chemical Analysis
zhang gai rong ; chen zuo ; chen shun zuo
7S in the laboratory management
li ying ; huang xiao xia,31
Exploration of the Test titles of Sterilized Medical Equipment Packages
wang jian chang ; zhu nan kang ; zuo du wen ; li jin jin,64
An Investigation Report on the use of LIMS Laboratory
bi yu chun,7