Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management 2008 Issue 2 xin xi
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Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management
2008 Issue 2
xin xi
The Qualification of Laboratory and Inspection Department
WANG Li-sheng
About Laboratory Instrument Equipment's Period Investigation
LIU Cai-yun;CUI Xiang-zhu;XIE Dong
Key Management Points for Safety Operation at Laboratories
LI Xi-dong;ZHOU Qiu-hong;DING Hua
A View on Survey of Laboratory Customers Satisfaction
Discussed Shallowly Examines the Laboratory the Approval and the Profit
XU Zeng-qin;ZHANG Dian-ying;WEI Chun-yu
Effect of the Uncertainty in Drawing up Standards
GUAN Shu-jun;CHANG Wen-fang,49
Examination of Measurement Uncertainty of Mass Standard
DING Jing-an;YAO Hong,43
Study and Preparation of Standard Materials for Automobile Emission Gas
LIU Yi-ling;CHEN Yong-hua;ZHANG Xin;HAN Qiao
The Research and Determination of Benzoyl Peroxide in the Four by Liquid Chromatography
SONG Xu-yan;ZENG Ming-yong;JIANG Xiu-fen
The Discussion on Critical How Function of Critical How Meter
ZHAO Wu-zhou;ZHU Ai-min;LIU Chen-kui;LI Tong-bo;ZHANG Hong-gang;YU Wei;QU Hong-qiang;BU Zhan-cheng
Uncertainty of Measurement Evaluate in Low Tempeture Test
LU Jia-zhi
The Evaluation and Analysis of Uncertainty of Amplitude Measurements
CAO Yuan-li;SHE Fang-yi;YANG Fang-zheng
The Evaluation of Uncertaing about Indicotion Errov for the Abbe Refractometer
WU MAI Er-jiang;WANG Wen-zheng;MAI MAI Ti-jiang
The Eualuation of Uncertainty in Measurement of Cu Content in Mick Powered by Graphite Furnace Atornic Absorption Spectrometry
XIE Yu-shan;LUO Hui-ming;LIU Jiang-hui;YAO Hong;XIE Xiang-na