Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management 2007 Issue 5 The Application and Development of Automatic Inquiry Quotation on Measurement Verification Calibration Charge Stardard
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Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management
2007 Issue 5
Ultraviolet Laser Parameters and Releatives with the Biomedical Soft Tissue Ablation
WANG Yang;FU Shi-gan;XUE Feng;QI Yan;FAN Shou-yan;XU Min-guang;DONG Zhan-ling
Calibration Method of Loop Antenna
HU Bai-tao;HONG Li;LI Bo,24
The Uncertainty Evaluation of the Testing of the Total Arsenic of the Rice Using Atomic Fluorescence Spectrograph(AFS)
FU Ran-ran;LIAO Hai-ping;BAO Hui-jun;ZHANG Han;LIU Zhi-long
Uncertainty Evaluation of Measurement of Nitrite in Food by Hydrochloric Acid-naphthyl-ethylenediamine Method
LUO Hui-ming;HUANG Xue-hong;CHEN Jian-wei;LIN Wen-hua
Evaluation of Uncertainty in the Measurement of Protein in Milk Powder
FENG Bo;MA Lian-hong
Xrfs Determination of Imported Possium Chloride
WANG Qiao-ling
Equal-found an Application in Water Flow Standard Apparatus
ZHU Ai-min;HAN Ning;WANG Hong-jiang,37
Discusses the Techology Standard of Food Laboratory Shallowly
CHEN Jun-yu;HE Jian-shun,35
Discussion on Technician Team Construction in the Testing Laboratories
KE Jia-ji;WENG Rui-quan;LIN Miao
Implement The 5S, Improve Whole Staff's Consciousness About Quality
CAI Cai-ren;CUI Jie-feng
Flexible-test and Applicotion in Test Institution
MIAO Xue-yuan;HUANG Yao
Building up and Operating the Quality Management System of Detecting Laboratory
SUN Bao-li;TONG Cheng-feng;HUANG Jin-li;DONG Yi-wei,44
Analysis and Control of Equipments in Tenting Laboratorie
NIE Hai-bin;AN Yao-bin;LU Wei
Calibration Method of Quartz Stopwatch and Uncertainty Assess of Measurement Resultant
YANG Feng-lan;TIAN Ai-lin;LU Juan