Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management 2004 Issue 6 List of Adv Measurement and Lab Management No.1~6:2004(Vol.12)
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Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management
2004 Issue 6
News in Brief
How to Conduct‘Assessment of New Activities’
liu ya min ; chen xu dong
How to Conduct Survey on Comments from Clients of Laboratories
cao nai bin ; liu jun
Discussion on Issues of Laboratory Accreditation Criteria(3)
gao liang cai
Using VB6.0 to Realize Test Information Management
liu ling ; xin shao ming
Evaluation of Uncertainty for Calibrating Potassium Hydroxide Solution
cai qiu ; zhu ming,52
Uncertainty Estimation of CO Measurement in the Main Smoke of Tobacco
yang qin ; peng zhong ; zheng li feng,20
Non- Destructive Evaluation of Semiconductor Sample with SQUID
zhong qing ; qiao wei chuan
Metrological Research on the Measurement of back vertex Power for Contact lenses Immersed in Saline
wang li ru ; zhu jian ping ; zhang ji zuo
A Control System for Liquid Hydrocarbons- Dynamic Measurement
zheng zhi shou ; lu guo qiang ; du huai dong ; liu tao,50
The Character and Application of AAPM's TG- 51 Protocol for Clinical Reference Dosimetry
zhang shao gang ; hu jia cheng ; liu yuan zhao ; yang xiao yuan ; wu qin hong
Traceability System about Gas Flow
wang chi
Comparative Experiments between Two Different Methods for Primary Vibration Calibration by Laser Interferometry
yu mei ; sun qiao ; ma ming de ; feng yuan ; zuo ai bin
The Realization for Mass Unit in China
yao hong ; liu jian ming ; ding jing an ; xue zuo,36
The Quantum Hall Resistance Standard in NIM
zhang zhong hua ; he qing ; li zheng kun ; liu yong