Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management 2004 Issue 3 News in Brief
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Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management
2004 Issue 3
News in Brief
Analysis on Problems usually found in reports/Certificates and their countermeasures
yu hui xia ; hu jian fei,50
Brief Discussion on Preventive Actions
zuo fang ; ma zhen ya ; wang yong quan,58
Safety Requirements and cautions of Switch
ru jia yue
Comprehension and Implementation of Service to Client
liu ya min ; lai hua
Discussion on Personnel Resource of Laboratories
liu ye yue ; li jian yong
Investigation of Hyperfine Spectra of Iodine Molecule and Frequency Stabilization Using a Nd:YVO4/KTP Ring Laser
zuo er jun ; cao jian ping ; li cheng yang ; shen nai ; peng yue xiang ; zuo ai bin ; li zuo
Measurement of Prismatic Power for the Helmet Viewing Window
lv zheng ; lin yan dong ; yao he jun ; ma chong ; lv liang ; li zai qing
Invisible Anti-Counterfeiting Magnetic Code and the Study for Discriminating Technology
qian xi guang ; shao xiao ming ; yang chun mei ; zhang long sheng ; feng hong ming ; rao zuo zuo
GUM Block for CMM Uncertainty Estimation
wang wei nong
The Usage and Measure Chin of Air Kerma and Exposure
tian zhong qing
Measurement Meter of Magnetic Materials' Dynamic Characteristics
zhang zhi gao ; wang li xin ; hou rui fen ; deng zhuo ; zuo qing chang
The Research of Electronic Measurement and Control System for NIM4 # Cold Cesium Atomic Fountain Clock
lin ping wei ; wang ping ; li ming shou ; li tian chu ; chen wei liang,35