Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management 2001 Issue 5 Announcement of 13 Laboratories Being Accredited
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Advanced Measurement and Laboratory Management
2001 Issue 5
Accreditation Information from CNACL
Review and Discussion on the Efficiency of Laboratory Accreditation
LANG Zhi-zhong;GUO Qing-chen;LI Jing-zhong
Major Differences Between ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC Guide 25
PAN Shun-fang;HUANG Tao
Discussion on Management of Renting Equipment in Laboratories
Pondering over CMA and CAL
DI Ji-min
Establishment and Operation of Laboratory Quality System
MA Zhen-ya;WANG Yong-quan
Laboratory Accreditation Pours Fresh Energy into the Metrology Work
BU Yun-ping;CHENG Bin;WANG Hong-zhen;Ma Ying-chun
The Method of Ethemet' s Healthly-testing and Fault Reason Analyses
GU Xia-zhen;JIAO Qing-chun
Research of the Total Uncertainly of Measurement
Yang Feng-lan,52
Application of Vortex Flow-meter in Steam-flow Dissemination of Quantity Values
ZHU Ai-min;QU Hong-qiang;BU Zhan-cheng;LIU Yong-mao;HAN Zhong-xia
The Design Principle of Two-flow Humidity Generator
LI Zhan-yuan;YI Hong;REN Chang-qing
Development of the Measuring Instrument of Prismatic Power for the Helmet Viewing Window
LU Zheng;YAO He-jun;LING Yan-dong,55
Transfer Tehnology from CAT Data to CAD Drawing
HU Qing
Study on Short-team Reproducibility of Platinum Versus Palladium Thermocouples
CHEN Wei-Xing;XLANG Min-dong;ZHEN Wei;HUANG Shao-hua
Application of GB2828 in Check Data Quality Evaluation
ZHENG Hong-yi,48
A Project to Development of NDAS
GAO Jun-cheng;YANG Yuan-di;ZHANG Yan-li
Development of Wavelet Theory and its Application to the Surface Function Characterization
LI Hui-fen;JIANG Xiang-qian;LI Zhu