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Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering

ISSN 1673-2049 
Organizer: chang an da xue zhong guo tu mu gong cheng xue hui  
Publisher: jian zhu ke xue yu gong cheng xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Architecture and Civil Engineering" by the head of the Ministry of Education, Chang'an University's academic journals, the former "Northwest Institute of Architectural Engineering," founded in 1984, 2005, the State Press and Publication Administration, the National Science and Technology approved officially changed its name to "Architecture and Engineering." "Architecture and Engineering" is a quarterly, large 16 mo, 96 pages, price 10.00 yuan each, the annual total of 40.00 yuan. Journal as "Chinese Science Citation Database" source journals, the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, the Ministry of Education degree and postgraduate education major Chinese journals, scientific papers Source Journals in China, "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" source journals, "China Journal" "China Academic Journal (CD)", and other stationary sources of domestic authoritative database journals. (Translated by machine.)