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Journal of Xi'an University Engineering Science and Technology

ISSN 1671-850X 
Organizer: xi an gong cheng ke ji xue yuan  
Publisher: xi an gong cheng ke ji xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine (formerly "Northwest Textile Engineering College") is by the National Science and Technology, approved the deployment of Press and Publication public offering comprehensive academic journal, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Yao Mu, honorary president of the Court of any editor. It is the prosperity of science and culture, discovery, nurturing talent and promoting academic exchanges, promote modernization and for the purpose of the magazine, publishes the textile engineering, environmental science and engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology and automatic control, management, engineering, fashion design basic science and engineering and other aspects of originality or usefulness of academic, research presentation and literature review and so on. Readers of natural scientists, teachers and graduate students and other institutions of higher learning. (Translated by machine.)