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West Development

ISSN 1009-8631 
Organizer: shan xi sheng jue ce zi xun wei yuan hui  
Publisher: xi bu da kai fa za zhi she  
Description: Publication was formally approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, public offering of publications. Is the only one of the same name with the western development of large monthly. Journal of the Western Development Key Column     Decision making: This is a place for investment and development at all levels of business leaders and policy makers refer to the new column. Concerning the development of new ideas, making new points, new experiences and observation of news events, research, economic problems, give readers inspiration or reference. Articles may be longer or shorter forms of informal style. But be sure to write with substance, depth of thought, decision making and invest in the development of considerable reference value.     Concern: social concerns, innovative ideas, depth and weight may be caused widespread concern in the first article. Can be a group, can also be an article. The key is to reflect the new issues, new perspective, new insights, enlightening people, especially the reference value of regional economic development.     In addition, the article subject matter to focus on western social, economic and development realities, but not limited to the west, may be appropriate to set his sights on the revitalization of Northeast China, central China, east of the development of all aspects. Excellent and practical read the article.     Interview: West Western issues and concerns of senior officials, renowned scholars, the person, large-scale entrepreneurs exclusive interview. Interview questions to the new, unique, tactile extensive, far-reaching.     Observation: The new economic phenomena, to explore deeper levels of economic problems, mainly in the west, but not limited to the west, shall, in particular on issues of national concern. Language vivid and profound novel argument, and have some readable.     Market: market research, marketing strategy, corporate voice, the sea Vientiane, capital markets, finance, property, stock market, auto market, business sense and so on.     New Countryside: the construction of new countryside around western new problems, new, new experiences, new characters. Or communications, features, research, pictures, news and so on.     Western Humanities: West Tourism, Western explorers, western style, western culture, western folk, western specialty, West Side Story, etc., can be text description, pictures can also be used to show.     West Commentary: essays discussing hot social issues, essays, small words, easy to blog and so on. Can point out problems, sharply, hearty, but also humor, laughing, giving the wisdom or experience.          Fax country: the western provinces, municipalities, prefectural and county economic development, environmental protection in the new style, new experiences and new people, new things, new changes. Text to be wonderful, and with beautiful pictures.     Western Information: This is a blend of the dynamic development of information all over the news of the section, including policies and regulations, investment and development, economic development, western region, northeast revitalization of central China, east of the development of the latest information.     Photo Report: tell a vivid story with beautiful pictures. Or person, or event, or customs and so on. Can be single, be a group. Picture quality for high-grade, with a strong impact angle.  (Translated by machine.)