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Journal of the Second Northwest University for Nationalities

ISSN 1008-2883 
Organizer: xi bei di er min zu xue yuan  
Publisher: xi bei di er min zu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Second Northwest Nationalities University" is a domestic public offering comprehensive academic publications. Open up a national religion, national history and culture, Western Xia, anthropology, international issues, law, economics, literature and art, pedagogy and other columns. Key published a variety of different historical periods in Northwest Ethnic Problems of the latest research results. Publication purposes: based on ethnic minority areas, for the country, prosperity of academic research. Group made on the socio-economic and cultural development of national quality papers; group of countries and regions made of the development of innovative social and cultural value and a high degree of academic theory. Our readers Location: Humanities and social sciences, ethnic studies experts and scholars. (Translated by machine.)