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Journal of Xi'an Institute of Physical Education

ISSN 1001-747X 
Organizer: xi an ti yu xue yuan  
Publisher: xi an ti yu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1984, was approved by the Press and Publications Administration, Xi'an Institute of Physical Education organized by the public offering of comprehensive sports science academic journals. "Xi'an Institute of Physical Education" in the northwest, only a public offering of Chinese Core Issues of the publication. The papers published mainly in Xi'an Institute of Physical Education, both Northwest and the country's scientific research, training and teaching and other aspects of academic papers. Publication of the Northwest region and the country's scientific research, raising the level of education and training has played a pivotal role. "Xi'an Institute of Physical Education," After ten years of efforts, in the academic and editorial quality, printing, binding and quality have reached a higher level, a number of authoritative organizations and has been included in core journals. Russian publication "Digest Magazine (Pж)" source journals; United States, "Cambridge Scientific Abstracts," indexed journals; is "A Guide to Chinese core journals in 2000 Edition (PE)" and "National Press Index," core journals; "China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database "," China Journal "," China Academic Journal (CD) "full-text journals included in the source;" Chinese Social Science Citation Database, "the source journal; journal also" International Sports Information Database " Full-text included. In 2000 the first "China Academic Journal (CD) Retrieval and Evaluation Standards" appraised, won the "CAJ-CD specification," Executive Excellence Award. (Translated by machine.)