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Journal of Xi'an Aerotechnical College

ISSN 1008-9233 
Organizer: xi an hang kong ji shu gao deng zhuan ke xue xiao  
Publisher: xi an hang kong ji shu gao deng zhuan ke xue xiao xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Articles are the main features of vocational education, an educational teaching and research, engineering, social sciences, multi-disciplinary aspects of a comprehensive publication. As a high-level academic journals, is the teachers and students of our school to carry out research and academic research, theoretical discussion and contention in the garden. Of education and teaching services for schools, reflecting the direction of running schools, training objectives, teaching and research standards. In addition to regular key set of columns, but also focus on vocational education in schools reflect the characteristics and educational reform and other hot issues, explore new developments in vocational education. (Translated by machine.)