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Journal of Earch Sciences and Environment
2015 Issue 4
New Research Interests and Concept of Material Evolution for Continental Dynamics
ZHAI Ming-guo;Key Laboratory of Mineral Resources;Institute of Geology and Geophysics;Chinese Academy of Sciences;State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics;Northwest University;
Neogenic Zircons in Ertix Ductile Shear Zone of Xinjiang and Their Geochronological Significance
GAO Jing-gang;LIANG Ting;LI Wen-yuan;ZHOU Yi;WANG Xiao-hu;ZHOU Ru-hong;Key Laboratory of Western Mineral Resources and Geological Engineering of Ministry of Education;Chang’an University;School of Earth Science and Resources;Chang’an University;Xi’an Center of Geological Survey;China Geological Survey;Institute of Geomechanics;Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences;No.1 Regional Geological Survey Team;Xinjiang Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration;
Depositional Age and Provenance of Yangmu Formation of“Neoproterozoic”Huangsong Group in the Eastern Heilongjiang:Constraints from Zircon U-Pb Geochronology
HAO Wen-li;WANG Feng;XU Wen-liang;TANG Jie;GAO Fu-hong;School of Earth Sciences;Jilin University;Heilongjiang Institute of Geological Sciences;
Hydrocarbon Filling Mechanism and Accumulation Model in Low-uplift Zone:Taking Linfanjia Low-uplift Zone of Jiyang Depression as an Example
JIANG You-lu;CUI Xiao-jun;JIA Guang-hua;FAN Jie;LI Hong-lin;School of Geosciences;China University of Petroleum;Geological Research Institute;Shengli Oilfield Company;SINOPEC;
Late Permian-Early Triassic Sedimentary Evolution in Sichuan Basin and Its Significance on Gas Accumulation
FENG Chong;ZOU Hua-yao;GUO Tong-lou;Postdoctoral Workstation;Xinjiang Oilfield Company;PetroChina;Department of Petroleum Engineering;Karamay Vocational and Technical College;State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resource and Prospecting;China University of Petroleum;Exploration Southern Company;SINOPEC;
Discovery of Matrix Pore of High Efficiency Bedrock Gas Reservoir in Saline Basin and Its Significance
WU Li-rong;HUANG Cheng-gang;YUAN Jian-ying;YAN Cun-feng;MA Feng;SUN Xiu-jian;Key Laboratory of Reservoir Description of CNPC;Northwest Branch of PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development;
Mesozoic-Cenozoic Uplift-exhumation History in Luliangshan Area of Shanxi:Evidences from Apatite Fission Track
REN Xing-min;ZHU Wen-bin;ZHU Xiao-qing;WANG Xi;LUO Meng;School of Earth Sciences and Engineering;Nanjing University;Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology;China Geological Survey;School of Wentian;Hohai University;
Distribution Characteristics of Soil Moisture for Different Types of Sand Dunes in the Central of Mu Us Sandy Land
FU Chao-feng;ZHAO Jing-bo;BIAN Zi-hao;ZUO Jun;Key Laboratory of Western Mineral Resources and Geological Engineering of Ministry of Education;Chang’an University;School of Tourism and Environment;Shaanxi Normal University;State Key Laboratory of Loess and Quaternary Geology;Institute of Earth Environment;Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Distribution and Characteristics of Secondary Mountain Hazards Triggered by Ludian Earthquake in Yunnan
TAO Yuan;HU Kai-heng;TIAN Yong-zhong;GE Yong-gang;CHEN Xing-chang;School of Geographical Sciences;Southwest University;Key Laboratory of Mountain Hazards and Earth Surface Processes;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment;Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Resources;School of Environment and Resource;Southwest University of Science and Technology;
Recognition Features of Non-outcropping Ground Fissures for the Third Investigation Site in Xi’an
SONG Yan-hui;LI Zhong-sheng;GAO Hu-yan;CONG Lu;CHENG Yao;School of Geology Engineering and Geometrics;Chang’an University;Xi’an Metro Co.Ltd.;
Study on Land Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Extraction and Its Engineering Application:Taking Dezhou Area of Shandong as an Example
JIA Chao;ZHANG Guo-rong;WANG Jia-bin;ZHANG Yong-wei;School of Civil Engineering;Shandong University;