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Journal of Wenzhou Medical College

ISSN 1000-2138 
Organizer: wen zhou yi xue yuan  
Publisher: wen zhou yi xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Wenzhou Medical College is located in the most dynamic coastal cities of Wenzhou, the Zhejiang Medical College (the former Zhejiang University School of Medicine) Year in 1958 moved to set up in Wenzhou, is the first approved by the State Council has the right to grant master's degree one of the units, is currently the only one in Zhejiang provincial Western undergraduate medical colleges and universities. The school's "Wenzhou Medical College," founded in 1959, is a comprehensive medical history of long-term academic journals. Journal for the big 16 open, bi-monthly, 88 pages, domestic and foreign public offering. Wenzhou Medical journal reports and major medical research in Zhejiang Province, new achievements, new developments, including basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine, medicine and medical education the motherland research, Piyou of the clinical experience, technology and methods, case analysis, case reports, literature review and other columns. The readers, the author's support of journal quality has improved steadily (related indicators see Annex), according to Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive report cited data show that the impact factor of 47 in the country ranked Medical Colleges 8, the total citation ranked No. 4. Ministry of Science magazine has now been named the Science and Technology Information Institute, "China's scientific papers Source Journals", "Chinese science and technology core journals", and was included in the domestic dozen authoritative database. (Translated by machine.)