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Journal of Chinese People's Armed Police Force Academy

ISSN 1008-2077 
Organizer: zhong guo ren min wu zhuang jing cha bu dui xue yuan  
Publisher: wu jing xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Armed Police Institute," About one, the basic situation of "armed police University" was launched in January 1985, is the core journals of Humanities and Social Sciences, the National Social Science Journal hundred, first-class quality in Beijing University journal, outstanding college in Hebei Province of the first prize, founded the first public security and armed forces of academic journals, core journals public security and armed forces, the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, Chinese Academic Journal (CD) contains full-text journals. Charge by the Ministry of Public Security, the Chinese People's Armed Police Force Academy, organized title is vice chairman Chen Pixian wrote. After 16 years of unremitting efforts, has become active forces for the public security police, and many kinds of professional disciplines and comprehensive academic journals. Of its unique advantages and features, by the National Higher Education Journals Research, Education Technology Research Institute in Beijing, Hebei Education Commission, the Provincial Association of Higher Education Journals and military and civilian readers, authors, experts and scholars praise. The main columns are: border Yanjiu, fire research, security Yanjiu, peacekeeping and research, Education Research, cultural and historical research, military Construction, Legal Studies, Philosophy of peacekeeping research. Print run of 5,000 copies is now, big 16 format, bimonthly. The main issue of national border security, firefighting and security forces more authority and public security detachment Political institutions. Also with France, Britain and other countries and relevant institutions to conduct the fire department to exchange. Second, the policy journal of Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory as the guiding ideology, to three dimensions as a guideline to public security work of the line, principles and policies as the basis, adhere to the principle of double hundred, political and legal system for public security, the Armed Police Force and institutions to enliven academic thinking, expand academic exchanges, scientific research shows to promote the Science and Education Superintendent for the construction with Chinese characteristics, active forces of public security services. Third, the advantages and characteristics of the provincial People's Armed Police Institute of the military level, the national public security and armed forces for training border security, firefighting, security and peacekeeping professionals subordinates undergraduate military academies. Set from the training objectives and professional point of view, the only one country. University of concentration of military, police, local, for one, decided the "armed College," the property. From this level is speaking, the main research areas of the country is the only first-class. This is the armed police of the strengths, but also the advantages and characteristics of the host. Fourth, the editorial building of the existing eight-member editorial board. Editor, associate editor with senior professional titles, and has been awarded a national (provincial) Higher Education Journals excellent editing. 5 editors, staff 1; from the age structure, we bring together three combinations; from the academic structure, 5 graduate education, undergraduate 2, 88% bachelor degree or above. Overall, of editorial staff is a high quality, dedication, good, professional and technical precision, academic achievements, the editors knowledge, reasonable structure, capable of fully capable of editing and publishing. Now is the editorial department of the National Humanities Research Association units, units of the National Association of Higher Education Journals, Research Journals of Social Sciences, Beijing, governing units, executive director of the Academic Technology Unit, University of executive director of the National Public Security Law Unit. Fifth, the work of development and the results obtained Throughout the process of development, especially in recent years, leaders at all levels, under the guidance of the care of the editorial board, editorial staff work hard, fought hard, and actively forge ahead, the Journal clear thinking, clear guiding journal, give full play to the role of the position, guiding role, function and a window garden, and created a brand, increase awareness and promote the college's teaching and research work and army building. In 1998, the University made national unification Issues, International Standard Serial Number. 1999 "Armed Police College" in the province of Hebei Education Commission, the organization won 59 best Universities of the first prize (the province's only 4.) University in 2000 joined the "China Academic Journals on CD-ROM" and "China Journal" is a comprehensive database of Chinese periodicals source journals. At the same time by the Beijing Research Institute of higher learning as an excellent journal. May 2002, was named China Humanist hundred core journals and the National Social Science Journal. May 2006, reelection Humanist hundred core journals and the National Social Science Journal. Elimination of border police was named the National Social Science Journal column outstanding section. Over the years, because of long-term adherence to the quality of survival, and development characteristics of the working principle of academic quality improved significantly, reproduced increased year by year. Since 1999, in dozens of articles published by the Central Military Commission of military library included books relevant state documents; has more than 10 papers by the Chinese People's University Center for the full text of books, newspapers data, nearly one hundred articles included abstracts or title indexes. Six goals and work of thinking in the new century, the editorial determination of higher learning with an open mind to learn expert advice, learning to all my colleagues in college journals, journals in accordance with established objectives and strategy, deliberately seeking and struggling hard. Featured journals strive to do, take the quality of the road to a new level, and then brilliant. Goal: to do a feature journal, take the road of quality, an excellent journal, a brand name effect and expand academic exchanges, research shows, highlighting the major characteristics, the pursuit of high real deep is the deliberate pursuit of the goal. Dedication and selfless devotion; studious, excellence; proactive due diligence; adhere to the principle of quality check is issued; the courage to seek out and develop the spirit of innovation is a true portrayal of editorial department. Work ideas: Stick to academic guidance, highlighting the major characteristics, implementation of quality strategy, the pursuit of high real deep. Quality Management: periodicals standardization, quality of academic quality, unique style of the journal, editorial work of modern (computerized). (Translated by machine.)