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China WTO Tribune

ISSN 1672-1160 
Organizer: zhong guo guo ji jing ji ji shu jiao liu zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo guo ji jing ji ji shu jiao liu zhong xin  
Description: Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, "WTO Tribune," founded in December 11, 2002, China joined the WTO one year anniversary. It is for enterprises, institutions, middle and senior management personnel and the business sector, economic research institutions, foreign embassies and government departments at all levels of professional direction with a clear financial magazine. As a government department in charge of the publication, "WTO Tribune" in the context of world economic trends, based on China's economic situation, many angles to explore the deep level after joining WTO, China's various regions, industries and the problems faced by the state ; interpretation of a market economy environment and global economic integration process in the trade rules; according to the latest WTO negotiations on trends in depth analysis of China's strategic relations with the global economy and its potential economic and social impact of all aspects of life. (Translated by machine.)