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Free Forum of Literature

ISSN 1003-2789 
Organizer: tian jin shi wen xue yi shu jie lian he hui  
Publisher: wen xue zi you tan bian ji bu  
Description: The publication presents a very unique Chinese literary journals of literary criticism. Literary journal trying to express public opinion, trying to tell people a relatively realistic literary. All writers, works, all the literary events, literary phenomenon, the journal can be equally challenged Comment object. Whether the author is famous, not the non-celebrity, as long as the holders of the context of literature has therefore, justified, justify, the journal will provide them to make irresponsible remarks, which was only exposed wise layout. The journal follows the June draft selection is not thought that the relationship is not refined, not demanding critical techniques, do not focus on status, does not reflect the editor likes and dislikes, do not follow uniform, do not favor a long article to stay on. (Translated by machine.)