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Journal of Health Toxicology

ISSN 1002-3127 
Organizer: bei jing shi yu fang yi xue yan jiu zhong xin  
Publisher: du li xue za zhi she  
Description: "Toxicology" (original title "Journal of Toxicology") is China's first comprehensive toxicology professional journals, are the Chinese Preventive Medical Association Journal. Sticking to the purpose of publication, and "for scholars, business-oriented, socially oriented, for the government and international service-oriented direction." S focus on the country and in health, environment, food, genetics, immunology and molecular biology, cell, radiation and other experts and editors. Mainly for industrial and agricultural, environmental, food, genetic and clinical toxicology research papers, and civil and environmental chemistry of health food, cosmetics, drug safety evaluation, presentation, project, and reviews the evaluation of the toxicity of new chemical substances, toxicological experiment Research new technologies, new methods, new theories Experience and Toxicology; reported dynamic and international academic and research progress. Main audience for domestic and foreign professional technical personnel engaged in toxicology, health and quarantine departments at all levels of health physicians, environmental protection and environmental monitoring department of the technical staff, occupational physicians, medical schools and students, and the production, use health care products, cosmetics manufacturers and related personnel. Foreign issued to: United States, Britain and Canada. (Translated by machine.)