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Journal of Surgery Concepts & Practice

ISSN 1007-9610 
Organizer: shang hai di er yi ke da xue  
Publisher: wai ke li lun yu shi jian bian ji bu  
Description: The magazine was founded in 1996, is co-organized by Shanghai surgical community's one surgical professional journals, magazine to focus on general surgery, while surgical specialist areas and, in particular on the progress and the specialist and the specialist body within close contact articles. Used in each issue articles free contributions, supplemented by asked him, since the public offering since 1998, each issue has a theme and the theme of each issue are discussed in several domestic famous writer, the other in time reflected in the domestic field (including clinical and basic) status and development, Dingshu increased year by year, the average annual increase of about 15% to bimonthly publication in 2001. (Translated by machine.)