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Journal of Wuhan University of Technology(Transportation Science & Engineering)

ISSN 1006-2823 
Organizer: wu han li gong da xue  
Publisher: wu han li gong da xue xue bao jiao tong ke xue yu gong cheng ban bian ji bu  
Description: Wuhan University of Technology (Transportation Science & Engineering), the predecessor of "Wuhan Transportation University," is reviewed by the Ministry of Communications, the former State Science and Technology Commission approval of public offering of domestic and foreign academic publications This publication contains mathematics, physics, chemistry, ship and marine engineering. Mechanical Science and Engineering, ship machinery, marine engineering, port machinery information science and technology, computer, automatic control, communications, navigation and electronic systems, electrical engineering maritime technology, transport civil construction engineering, management science and engineering disciplines of academic and scientific research. Who has been outstanding publication journal, excellent universities of the National Ministry of Education, outstanding scientific journals, Journal of Hubei Province and the Ministry of Communications and other quality awards. The journal is the core of the national Chinese journals, Journal of Chinese scientific papers for statistical purposes, the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of the Chinese an important degree and postgraduate education journals, "Chinese Science Citation Database" and "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" source journals, the first batch of selected science and technology journals in China English abstracts (CSIA) database, and is the United Kingdom British Maritimes Technology (BMT) and the United States Ei page One database included. (Translated by machine.)