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Journal of Wuhan Jiaotong Polytechnic

ISSN 1672-9846 
Organizer: wu han jiao tong zhi ye xue yuan  
Publisher: wu han jiao tong zhi ye xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Wuhan Vocational College of traffic" is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, the domestic and international public offering of a comprehensive academic journal, founded in 1988, published four times a year, quarter Chu Kan, "China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database "," China Academic Journal (CD) "," Chinese Science Network "," Wanfang Data "," China's core journals (selection) database "contains full text journals. Publication to follow based on the traffic of Publication for the community to promote the cause of transportation, trade economy, the development of higher vocational education, advocacy in the Party's line, under the premise of carrying out a hundred schools contend. June 2005, publication by the National Society of College of Humanities and Social Sciences as Top Ten National Vocational College of Technology, February 2006, the Hubei Provincial News magazine awarded the title of the college of excellence. (Translated by machine.)