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Chinese Journal of Gastroenterology

ISSN 1008-7125 
Organizer: shang hai jiao tong da xue yi xue bu  
Publisher: wei chang bing xue bian ji bu  
Description: Publication purpose of the magazine is in the field of gastroenterology research, clinical experience, new ideas and the exchange and communication of various hypotheses to provide park. To this end, our staff invited a group of famous experts as the editorial board of Gastroenterology and consultants, has higher academic standards. As a comprehensive digest of professional publications, academic journal timely delivery of the latest information at home and abroad, published excellent research works, literature review and the review of different academic perspectives eclectic, highlighting the scientific seriousness, this publication as a scientific strong, diverse and lively academic publications. "Gastroenterology" Welcome to the nation's basic research in digestive diseases and clinical prevention and treatment, the surgeon, teaching staff and the medical institutions, all levels of active subscriptions and Tougao hospital library.  (Translated by machine.)