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Journal of Sports Adult Education

ISSN 1672-268X 
Organizer: wu han ti yu xue yuan zhong guo cheng xie ti yu gao deng jiao yu zhuan ye wei yuan hui  
Publisher: ti yu cheng ren jiao yu xue kan bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, the Wuhan Institute of Adult Education and the National Physical Education Cooperative Group sponsored a comprehensive domestic and international public offering of sports academic journals, is the only national sports a field of adult education journals, is also a country with the largest circulation sports journals. Since founded in 1985, always adhere to the correct purpose of the magazine, and vigorously promote the party and state policies on adult education, reflect the scientific progress in the case of sports and academic forefront of research results. The journal Physical Education by the National more than a dozen leaders and experts, editorial board, the focus of school with sports college professors and experts by any columnist. SPORTS ADULT EDUCATION "," the vast number of research showing the importance of sports workers garden, but also various types of library collections at all levels of an important sports literature.  (Translated by machine.)