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Journal of Isotopes

ISSN 1000-7512 
Organizer: zhong guo he xue hui tong wei su fen hui  
Publisher: tong wei su bian ji bu  
Description: "Isotope" isotope journal is the Institute of Chinese Nuclear Society will host a professional blog, is the only one isotope magazine. Publication founded in 1988, undertaken by the China Institute of Atomic Energy. Both innovative and practical publications, characterized the combination of increased and spread, the main publication of isotope and radiation technology in the industry with creative and practical application of the new achievements, new technologies and new experiences, but also published isotope reasonable, agriculture, Medical application of such articles, and strive to fully reflect the isotope technique and its application in various areas in the national economy theory and practice. Aimed at promoting domestic and foreign isotope and radiation technology in academic exchanges, promote its economic and social benefits, promoting national economic construction isotope technology in all aspects of the application. (Translated by machine.)