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ISSN 1002-0160 
Organizer: zhong guo tu rang xue hui zhong ke yuan nan jing tu rang yan jiu suo he tu rang yu nong ye ke chi xu fa zhan guo jia zhong dian shi yan shi  
Publisher: tu rang quan yi yi ming bian ji bu  
Description: "PEDOSPHERE" (soil circle) are published in China the only foreign language version of the soil subject of international academic journals, but also the field of soil science the only source of TV SCI. Published in the field of soil science major at home and abroad has not been published based on solid scientific theory and experiment of the latest high-level scientific research and innovation, including soil chemistry, soil physics, soil biology and biochemistry, soil fertility and plant nutrition, soil and ecology, soil microbiology, soil geography, soil and water conservation, soil information and remote sensing techniques, soil quality and soil restoration and the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere are closely related to soil science theories, experimental techniques and application of academic research papers, project review, research presentations, and book reviews. To the timely dissemination of the latest achievements of soil science at home and abroad, promoting international academic exchange and cooperation and push China and the world of soil science development. (Translated by machine.)