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Railway Computer Application

ISSN 1005-8451 
Organizer: zhong guo tie dao ke xue yan jiu yuan dian zi ji suan ji shu yan jiu suo zhong guo tie dao xue hui ji suan ji ying yong wei yuan hui tie dao bu xin xi ji shu zhong xin  
Publisher: tie lu ji suan ji ying yong bian ji bu  
Description: "Railway Computer Application" magazine founded in 1992 by the head of the PRC Ministry of Railways, Railway Research Institute of Computing Technology, Computer Application Committee of China Railway Society, Information Technology Center co-sponsored by the Ministry of Railways, the railway system in China outside the public offering of computer and information technology professionals in the academic and technical journals, is the Railway Informatization Leading Group Office of the Information window, specify the railway magazine. The journal is the core of China's science and technology journals, scientific papers Source Journals of China, the Chinese core periodicals database contains full text journals, the first CAJ-_CD standardize the implementation of an excellent journal. China's railway authority in the field of information technology industry magazines in the national railway industry and IT sector have an important impact. Publication committed to a comprehensive, rapid and accurate reflection of domestic and international rail to publish the latest scientific and technological achievements of computer applications, computer technology in the railway and the road outside the academic and professional areas of theoretical exploration, engineering practice and development of the papers reviewed and dynamic, communication at home and abroad Railway Computer Application of information technology, communication, railway information services business, bringing together IT industry integrated academic, technical, application information and to promote the field of railways and domestic computer technology research, development and dissemination of government information and policies of the authority to exchange rail transport information on management concepts and methods, adhere to the combination of academic and popular, the exchange of government and business communication. Follow the application-oriented, focus on industry, integrity journals, serving society, a comprehensive summary of scientific research, information construction of the railway offer advice and suggestions of information to accelerate and promote the process of building the railway, dedicated to cultivating a large number of construction and railway information outstanding scientific and technological development of the backbone and talent. Main sections: Annuals railway information technology, the latest scientific research and application of high-level academic and technical papers, Piyou research and development, railway information systems, network technology, electronic commerce, electronic government, management and maintenance, techniques and methods , dynamic information, solutions and other columns. Issued to: the domestic and international public offerings, mainly the Ministry of Railways, the Railway Administration and the Office of belonging to the railway, the railway station, section, the universities, national libraries and major cities in libraries and related technology Information Company and other units and individuals. (Translated by machine.)