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Journal of Tianjin Institute of Financial and Commercial Management

ISSN 1008-9055 
Organizer: tian jin shi cai mao guan li gan bu xue yuan  
Publisher: tian jin shi cai mao guan li gan bu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine, formerly known as "business management and education", mainly for the adult education system and vocational education system, researchers, faculty and students in school, business economic theory workers, operators of commercial enterprises and business front, staff, education workers. Founded since 1999, always adhere to the exploration of Xuehai forefront of the market economy, freely about adult education, put the road about business, compliance Xun Li Tun teach science, the pursuit of Soongsil still thinking of running the public, and gradually form of accounting professional TRADE Financial, tax revenue with a focus on adult education and business characteristics of the six characteristics of column. (Translated by machine.)