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Journal of Tianjin Agricultural College

ISSN 1008-5394 
Organizer: tian jin nong xue yuan  
Publisher: tian jin nong xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Tianjin Agricultural College publication issued quarterly run by organized, large 16 mo, 64 pages. Founded in 1994, the beginning of 1998 public offering of 4. Carry out economic construction must rely on journal of science and technology, science and technology should be oriented to the principle of economic development, adhere to the Four Cardinal Principles, efforts to promote the party's policy of science and technology policy and double hundreds, reflecting the hospital teaching, research, production and technology promotion new progress and new achievements, and promote the exchange of science and technology to accelerate the popularization and application of the results, to adapt to the socialist market economy in rural areas of Tianjin suburban development. For teachers and students of agricultural colleges, agricultural science and technology workers, education managers, technical staff and other agricultural sector readership base. (Translated by machine.)