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Teaching & Learning of Physical Education

ISSN 1005-2410 
Organizer: shou du ti yu xue yuan  
Publisher: ti yu jiao xue bian ji bu  
Description: Journals direction: "Physical Education" magazine is sponsored by the Capital Institute of Physical Education, Sports Science Institute of the Chinese Committee of Physical Education and co-workers to the country in schools and sports as the main object of popular science journals. Purpose of the magazine: to serve the majority of primary and secondary schools in the country sports workers and insists on leading, scientific, practical approach of running, reflecting the new dynamic physical education reform, new ideas, new ideas, exchange, promotion of physical education methods, means and technology. "Physical Education" has been officially published and distributed more than 100 of 2006, "Physical Education" Youyi new face to show the readers, text to 72 pages, color insert to 8, and 16 using a large open wireless Binding.  (Translated by machine.)