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Journal of Railway Engineering Society

ISSN 1006-2106 
Organizer: zhong guo tie dao xue hui zhong guo tie lu gong cheng zong gong si  
Publisher: tie dao gong cheng xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is for the entire field of railway engineering large-scale comprehensive academic publication by the China Railway Engineering Corporation China Railway Society and co-sponsored in 1984 founded by the China Standard Serial Number (CN number and the ISSN number), at home and abroad public offering, is now bimonthly. President: Qin Jiaming, He Ning, chief editor. Over the years, railway engineering journal was recognized as the authoritative publication of high-level, for the railway engineering technical personnel, managers and decision makers with a lot of theory, practice, research and planning demonstration. Magazine articles mainly related to the railway network of the railway line project, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, geology and subgrade, rail transit, environmental engineering, blasting technology, housing construction technology, electric technology, mechanical engineering, computer technology, engineering, Economics and Management and other related disciplines and railway construction at home and abroad the latest research results (including interim results), design and construction of major trends, promote new technologies and the introduction of foreign advanced technology and research issues, information technology and other technical means the use of research. (Translated by machine.)