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Journal of Shenzhen Polytechnic

ISSN 1672-0318 
Organizer: shen zuo zhi ye ji shu xue yuan  
Publisher: shen zuo zhi ye ji shu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication of the main sections are: Electrical and Information Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, philosophy and social sciences, education and teaching. Among them, the Electrical and Information Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, the field of science and technology section publishes the latest scientific research and technological innovation, and emphasis on innovation, highlighting the technical and practical. The major part of Philosophy and Social Sciences published in economics, management, culture, history, philosophy and other fields of the latest research results, both the emphasis on basic theory, but also stressed the theory for decision-making and management services, highlighting application of the features. Teaching part is the main area of coverage of education and teaching, especially in the field of vocational education, the latest developments, the part to rely on Shenzhen Polytechnic, trying to unite domestic and international educational theorists and practitioners, to build vocational education with Chinese characteristics system. Journal founded in June 2002, is now "China Academic Journal (CJFD)", "Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database", Articles - Digital Periodicals, "Chinese core journals (selection) database" contains full text of journal; " Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED) "Source Journals; British" Science Abstracts "(INSPEC Database)," Chemical Abstracts "(CA)," reprinted "," Education Digest Weekly "magazines such as abstracts, the database reprinting journals. 2005 won the first national appraisal of vocational and technical schools of the top ten. Purpose of the magazine: According to the discipline of higher vocational colleges and research features, from the production, service, management of the actual needs, emphasis on innovation, highlighting the technical, practical and applied character; adhere to the main battlefield for the national economy, attention to published theory close to reality, have important application value and significance of the article. (Translated by machine.)