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Water Resources Protection

ISSN 1004-6933 
Organizer: he hai da xue huan jing shui li yan jiu hui  
Publisher: shui zi yuan bao hu bian ji bu  
Description: Publication to promote the implementation of national policies of water conservation, water conservation at home and abroad reflects the advanced science and technology, promote environmental protection of water resources protection and water work for the purpose. It is both an academic and a technical-based management of technical journals. Magazine is a bimonthly, international public offering. Its main task is to explore the technical policy of water resources protection, science and technology and the major issues in practice; promptly reflected in the water conservation at home and abroad in the field of innovative and practical technical and scientific information; to promote water conservation throughout the country work in results and experiences; reports about the domestic and international academic meetings, technical exchanges and other news developments. (Translated by machine.)