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Digital Library Forum

ISSN 1673-2286 
Organizer: zhong guo ke xue ji shu xin xi yan jiu suo istic ke xue ji shu bu ke ji ren cai jiao liu kai fa fu wu zhong xin bei jing wan fang shu ju gu fen you xian gong si  
Publisher: shu zi tu shu guan lun tan bian ji bu  
Description: "Digital Library" is a specialized digital libraries as the main content of professional journals. Standing in the industry, industry, the height of digital libraries in China, nearly 10 years of insights and experience of sustenance, in library and information, publishing, various vendors and readers has put up a bridge of communication and cooperation. Powerful expert advisory team, excellent editing and publishing team, and improve customer management and the issue of the rich resources of the company Articles Details and huge customer base support, so that the "Library" Once published, it was the entire library community strong concern. The journal's mission is to spread information within the wider society the quality of basic knowledge, a cause of concern for information literacy education, so that readers understand themselves and society as a whole to improve the quality of information need, so that people no longer just a digital library of traditional knowledge on the Digital Library so that people no longer stay in a fixed, limited time or space to go to consider the issue of information, but to improve people's ability to use information anytime and anywhere, the digital library to the people's brain transplanted into a habits, a process, or even a way of thinking. (Translated by machine.)