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Bulk Cement

ISSN 1007-3922 
Organizer: quan guo san zhuang shui ni ban gong shi ; zhong guo san zhuang shui ni tui guang fa zhan xie hui  
Publisher: san zhuang shui ni bian ji bu  
Description: The publication presents the National Bulk Cement Office, to promote the development of the Chinese Association of bulk cement, bulk of China Association journal, with three services (at all levels to do in bulk, cement industry, cement and consumer) for the purpose of the magazine, with three of the (outstanding professional, both informative and readability) for the journal policy. Is the only public offering of bulk cement professional media, is responsible for publicizing the national policy of sustainable development, promotion and development of bulk cement, bulk cement and technology, the historical responsibility of protecting the environment. (Translated by machine.)