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Chinese Journal of Nephrology Dialysis & Transplantation

ISSN 1006-298X 
Organizer: nan jing da xue yi xue yuan  
Publisher: shen zang bing yu tou xi shen yi zhi za zhi she  
Description: Publication is a professional academic journals. Promote the exchange of nephrology, dialysis and renal transplantation experience in scientific research and clinical practice, and promote the development of nephrology responsibility. With Commentary, monographs, scholarly newsletters, on the summary of basic medicine, medical education, basic and clinical renal disease, blood purification, kidney transplantation, renal biopsy, laboratory methods, academic contention and other columns. Journal of Statistics publication source for technology, core journals, databases and search for the journal received as a source of information. Professional and technical personnel for the industry and tertiary students and teachers focus on reading materials. (Translated by machine.)