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Chemical Engineering of Oil and Gas

ISSN 1007-3426 
Organizer: xi nan you qi tian fen gong si tian ran qi yan jiu yuan xi nan you qi tian gong si zhong qing tian ran qi jing hua zong chang  
Publisher: shi you yu tian ran qi hua gong bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine for the professional technical publications. Petrochemical and Gas reported that the field of scientific and technological achievements, including the oil and gas processing and processing, natural gas and condensate development of downstream products, oilfield chemicals, natural gas, and other aspects of the test results of research and application, technology development trends and so open. Sections are the use of natural gas and condensate, oil and gas processing and processing, oil chemistry, analytical testing, environmental monitoring and protection, oil and gas newsletters and so on. Audience is engaged in research in related fields, production, application and management of personnel and related institutions and students. (Translated by machine.)