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Petroleum Instruments

ISSN 1004-9134 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you wu zi zhuang bei ji tuan zong gong si xi an shi you kan tan yi qi zong chang  
Publisher: shi you yi qi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the only comprehensive introduction and evaluation of domestic and foreign equipment, instruments, equipment, comprehensive science and technology journals. It combines land and sea oil geological exploration, geophysical exploration, geophysical logging, oil development, oil machinery, oil industry, drilling, oil extraction, oil and gas storage and transportation, refining and other aspects of equipment, instruments, computers and application of technology Guinness, is to obtain information on the bridge leading technology to understand the equipment, instruments, equipment, and market demand dynamic window, a user guide to buy instruments and readers mentor. Readers throughout the petroleum, mining, metallurgy, coal environmental protection, institutions of higher learning and intelligence, and information sectors. (Translated by machine.)