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Acta Petrolei Sinica

ISSN 0253-2697 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you xue hui  
Publisher: shi you xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Oil of" competent by the China Association for Science, Chinese Petroleum Society sponsored scientific and technical aspects of oil and natural gas a comprehensive academic publications. "Oil of" Founded in 1980, focusing on oil and gas sector reported an original basic research and application of research results, reflecting the latest progress of major research, academic reviews, promote new technologies and new ways to promote domestic and international petroleum science and technology academic exchanges. Has three major columns, that geological exploration, oil field development and petroleum engineering. "Oil of" core journals of natural science in China's oil has a higher academic authority and greater influence, impact factor and total citation energy for many years among the forefront of scientific journals. According to the Chinese Science Technology Information Institute recently released the end of 2005, "China Science and Technology Journal Citation Reports", "oil of" the impact factor of 1.055, in 1608 ranking journals kinds of statistical sources for the first 74; total cited frequency as 1388, kinds of statistical source journals in 1608 in order for the first 83. (Translated by machine.)