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Petroleum Geology and Experiment

ISSN 1001-6112 
Organizer: zhong guo shi hua shi you kan tan kai fa yan jiu yuan zhong guo di zhi xue hui shi you di zhi zhuan ye wei yuan hui  
Publisher: shi you shi yan di zhi bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is a report from the Census of oil and gas, exploration and development results, reflecting the level of academic study of petroleum geology, technical publications. It was founded in 1963, is a bimonthly, to domestic and foreign public offering. Publication by the Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development of China Petrochemical and China Petroleum Geology of the Geological Society of Professional Committee, China Petrochemical Wuxi Experimental Geology Research Institute. Articles follow the "double hundred" policy, to promote academic democracy, and promote international academic exchanges, science and technology for the development of China's oil and gas exploration and development to improve the efficiency of services. Close connection with the publication of the development strategy of the oil industry to the oil industry involved in the upstream oil and gas exploration in the hot and difficult issues as the focus for reports and analysis, while focusing on domestic and international oil and gas reports experimental tests of the latest technologies and methods. (Translated by machine.)