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Chinese Journal of Practical Hand Surgery

ISSN 1671-2722 
Organizer: shen yang shi shou wai ke yan jiu suo shen yang yi xue yuan feng tian yi yuan  
Publisher: shi yong shou wai ke za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is to report the content of hand surgery and related disciplines in the national academic journals, domestic and foreign public offering. Purpose of the magazine are: for the clinical, highlight the utility to improve and popularize the combination of medical workers for the majority of clinical services. Adhering to scientific and practical, based on the rich, concise text in various forms, the main features: expert forums, symposia, monographs, experimental research, literature review, clinical experience, case reports, study papers, news and other columns . Clinical hand surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, foot surgery and functional rehabilitation of the health workers to provide a learning and dissemination of knowledge, experience and technology park. Publication has to be CNKI Academic Journal of PLA Medical Library database and full text included. Magazine is a quarterly, large 16 mo, 64 pages each issue, 10 issue quarterly, each issue of 8000. Price: 8 yuan (32 per year), can subscribe to the post office across the country, Youfadaihao 8-132 editorial department, agency mail order for readers at any time (send free of postage) or online subscription. Magazine subscription is now open, welcomes the medical units across the country, libraries and individual subscribers. Editorial Office: South West District, Shenyang City, July 5, West Road, Post Code: 110024 Tel :024 -25704346 Editorial 024-25741541. Editorial address: Editor@sy-handsurgery.com. (Translated by machine.)